◈ Tips for Detailed Document Search

  • Selecting DB
  • Limiting the Condition
  • Using Search Operators
  • Re-searching within the Results

  •  Selecting DB

    If you want to search documents in the Architectural Institute of Korea, select the Korean DB, and if you want the Architectural Institute of Japan, select the Japanese DB. If you want to search for both Korean and Japanese DBs (cross-language search system), then select “all” button.

    If you select the Japanese DB and “all”, it automatically translates and searches. However, if there’re more than two keywords to be translated in the automatic translation process, a user should choose an appropriate keyword to perform searching.

     Limiting the Condition

    To get an appropriate search result, you should create a search form with limitations in each field. Limiting the condition is done by simple box checking and number inputting in each field.

    Field Limit: title, author, publisher, paper that contains it, keyword
    Year Published: Enter the beginning and ending month and year.
    Subject: document classification of the Architectural Institute of Japan in Japanese DB, and
    _______ document classification of the Architectural Institute of Korea in Korean DB.
    ________(You cannot select a subject when you select both countries.)
    Type of document: book, doctoral thesis, research paper, research report, presentation data,
    Language: Korean, English, Japanese, French, German, etc

     Using Search Operators

    More than one search operator can be used within one search form. To perform the first function, ellipses ( ) should be used.

    Operators Function Examples
    AND, Spacing Searching a document that has all keywords Building and Apartment
    Search a document that has both Building and Apartment
    OR Searching a document that has at least one of the keyword Building or Apartment
    Search a document that includes Building or Apartment
    XOR Searching a document with one of the keywords but excluding the one with both keywords in it.
    Building xor Apartment
    Either Building or Apartment should be included but not at the same time
    NOT Search without a specific keyword Building not Apartment
    Search a document that includes Building but not Apartment

     Re-searching within the Results
    After the first search, check the “re-searching within the results” box and do “AND” searching.
    If you repeat the process, it repeatedly searches within the results.
    If you do not want to continue searching within the results, simply uncheck the checked box.
    When you perform a re-search, it should be done inside the same document DB.