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論文主題   A Study on the History and Development of the Javanese Mosque / A Review of Theories on the Origin of the Javanese Mosque / ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY AND THEORY
著者名   Bambang Setia Budi
発行社   Architectural Institute of Japan ; Architectural Institute of Korea ; Architectural Society of China
収録事項   Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, v.3, n.1(2004-05)
ページ   始まるページ(189) 総ページ(7)
ISSN   13467581
主題分類   建築歴史・意匠 
キーワード   Southeast Asia ; origin , Javanese mosque ; Dutch ; tiered-roof
要約1   This paper aims at critically reviewing a number of theories and previous studies on the origin of the Javanese mosque. Some theories have been put forward by Dutch archeologists and historians since the 1930s, and were subjects to debate until 1960s. Beyond this time, the debate was continued by an Indonesian archeologist in 1962/1963 and a French scholar in 1985. All of these theories will be reviewed as there are some doubts and unclear parts. The problems of each theory will be explained and discussed. Based in this review and critique, the most reliable theory will be asserted with new arguments and some evidence from Javanese temple reliefs.